Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are some Frequently Asked Questions which may help you to clear your doubts...

What is PIN number?
PIN number is a security number issued to each sonography center for the first time registration of the center to the online software. b. This is issued to authenticate the user and to make sure that no dummy used has registered online on your behalf. c. PIN numbers are unique mapped with center PNDT number.
Who has to arrange computer/ laptop with internet connectivity for submission of online F-form?
The arrangement of computer/ laptop with internet connectivity is responsibility of respective USG center
Does mail ID is required while registering on portal?
Yes. It is mandatory. The same ID and it will be treated as official mail ID for further communications
How to register my (USG) center?
Refer separate use manual provided or it is available on
How to file online F-form?
Refer separate use manual provided or it is available on
Follow up patient
If the same patient comes to your center again, you just have to go to follow up link and submit the F form in that. You don’t need to enter the patient name and address, it will come automatically in follow up
Do we need to file f-form again and again if sonography done twice or more than twice in a same day.
Yes. But you can use follow up option.
What is the support or helpline mechanism?
The center can refer technical support menu and can mail or call to respective phone numbers for assistance
What if I forgot username or password?
Put a request for new password through mail or phone numbers given. You will receive new username and password on your registered mail ID.
What if I forget to click or submit any column of the F form?
The software is developed in such a way that it does not allow submitting incomplete F form. If you forget to enter any information of any column, and click on submit, it will guide you with red mark as shown in bracket (*)
What if I made a mistake or entered wrong information in form F?
If a wrong information is entered and form submitted, then you have a option to edit the form F within 24 hours of submission of said F form In case, you realize later and want to do correction, then you can go to online complaint, select PNDT, and you can enter the details of the F form, with corrections.
How does patient signature possible while filing online F-form form?
The patient cannot do online signature as of today. It is mandatory to take signature on printed F-form.
Is it mandatory to keep record of hard copy of F-form?
Yes, it is mandatory as of today to keep records of F-form.
Is monthly submission of reports to respective authority is required post implementation of F-form?
Same monthly reporting model will continue along with submission of F-form
What F-form submission if internet is not available?
In exceptional condition, the submission of online F-form can be done whenever internet is connected or available but it is responsibility of respective center to make alternate arrangement of connectivity if internet is not available.